Our Mission

The Program on Race, Science and Society (PRSS) is an initiative at the University of Pennsylvania devoted to transformative and interdisciplinary approaches to the role of race in scientific research and biotechnological innovations, aiming both to promote social justice and to dispel the myth that race is a natural division of human beings.


Wed 4/17
· colloquium ·

103 McNeil Building

3718 Locust Walk


  • Congratulations to Oliver Rollins, a former PRSS Postdoctoral Fellow and current professor at the University of Louisville, on the publication of an article in Ethnic and Racial Studies.

  • PRSS Director Dorothy Roberts and PRSS Working Group member Dr. Sarah Tishkoff recently held a discussion at the Franklin Institute about genetic ancestry testing and social constructions of race.

  • PRSS Working Group member Professor Bridgette Brawner co-authored a paper that was recently published in the American Journal of Public Health.

  • PRSS Working Group member Professor Bridgette Brawner was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in the School of Nursing, effective July 1, 2018. Congratulations to Prof. Brawner!

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